“For if there are out there big tree-dwelling, ground-dwelling and even aquatic mammals not known to science - a dwarf tapir, a giant peccary, a white deer, a dwarf manatee, another river dolphin, to name a few - what do we really know about its flora and fauna? Very Little. About its ecology - the utterly complex web of relationships between plants and animals? Even less. Then what do we know about
the sustainability of this ecosystem? ”
- Marc G.M. van Roosmalen PH.D.

NEWS! Marc van Roosmalen to review the Mammal Collection of the Roosevelt/Rondon Brazil Expedition
While living in New York teaching at Bard College Marc visited the American Museum for Natural History (AMNH) in NYC to go over the Mammal Collection in search of holotypes of new species of mammals that he has seen in the wild during surveys of the megafauna in the Rio Aripuanã basin, Amazonas State, Brazil. He is particularly interested in the mammal collection made on the Roosevelt/Rondon Brazilian Expedition back in 1914.

Read Marc's case for protection of the Aripuanã
and description of new species he discovered in the region - black dwarf lowland tapir, fair brocket deer, giant peccary and dwarf manatee!


Wired Magazine

Law of the Jungle >

Check out WIRED Magazine's June 2008 article and interview with Marc about his fight for freedom in Brazil, countering charges of biopiracy. This is an issue that effects field researchers internationally, when the pursuit of knowledge gets caught up in government policy and even the interests of big business. This story has a happy ending as Marc was exonerated. Thanks to writer Evan Ratliff for telling Marc's story!

Marc has a new venture, consulting professionally for filmmakers, publishers, universities, NGOs and other institutions. Marc's understanding of rainforest ecology and prehistoric Indians in the Amazon is outstanding. He is one of the greatest living explorers of our time and a superb naturalist, not to mention quite a character!

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